1873 Hembrug

Dear Allan the only thing I know is that the gun is of the queen Wilhelmina period, she was queen from1898 till 1948 (w under a crown).

FRANS (Netherland)

This revolver was in service from 1873 till about 1940 by the Dutch Army.

From about 1908 they changed the barrel from an octagonal to a round barrel.

This model is called the new model and is more scare than the old model and is made by Hembrug.

There where for the old model several manufactures who build this revolver. Stevens in Maastricht and WDW werkplaats draagbare wapenen in Delft.

In 1925 came a Pistol the FN 1910/25 in service but the revolver stay in service till the start of the war.

From 1873 till 1933 there where several changes in the cartridge for the model 73 revolver.

The calibre is always 9.4mm

In 1873 they started with a 0.6gram black powder load.

This is changes with a other mixture black powder in 1884 but still .06 gram the powder is called no.3

The last in 1933 was the charge 08 gram black powder no 3.

The cartridge is the 9.4mm. They use some other cartridge for the Dutch in dies revolver in the same calibre.

I haven’t found any other name than just plain 9.4mm for exception that sometimes the cartridge is called model 3 or 5.

I have an original package that says: 6 No. 5. S.  P.F. 1900 (6 cartridges no 5 Sharp made door P.F in 1900).

The letters “IB” means that the inner parts are rusted. In Dutch it is called “Inwendig Beroest”. The revolver is somewhere damaged by rust.

Henk (Netherland)