Official Netherlands revolver

Standard Dutch service revolver issued to police, customs, tax collectors, bailiffs, some other government officers, as well as some members of the military.

The revolvers of this type were made by various Belgian gun makers and were distributed in Holland by commercial retailers.

This type of revolver is also known under its commercial name, "Kobold".

The cylinder bridge shows following markings, "Ned. Wapenmagazijn Haarlem S' Hage".

The barrel displays, "Acier Fondu".

The left side of the frame displays a calibre designation, "Cal. 9. 4 mm" and Belgian gun maker's markings "LAM" in the triangle.

The cylinder, the right side of the frame and the octagonal barrel displays Belgian proof marks, "Star over Z". The barrel also displays, "Crown over R". Liege House proofs are stamped on the cylinder. Some other Belgian, or Dutch markings and proofs are stamped on various parts.

Interesting safety device combined with lanyard ring! In order to activate the safety you need to turn the lanyard ring by 90 degree!

Barrel length: 3.50 inch.

Cylinder capacity: 5 rounds.

Many thanks to "COLLECTIBLEFIREARMS" for the pictures.