Widmer Ettiswil

Beautiful Swiss Milbank-Amsler Schutzen rifle!

The rifle features an extra long and very heavy octagonal barrel. It was manufactured specifically for Swiss-style long range target shooting. The rifle is a conversion of the M. 1851 Federal Percussion Stutzer. This type of the swinging-block mechanism conversion was approved for the Swiss army issue in December 1863.

Originally, the system was patented in the USA by Isaac Milbank, and later it was modified by Rudolf Amsler.

The rifle displays the maker's markings on the barrel, "Widmer Ettiswil". These are the markings of a gun maker who converted the rifle from military to target style. The back of the barrel displays the wording, "Acier Fondu". The lock plate displays a letter, "S".

Several Swiss markings and proofs are stamped on various metal parts of the rifle. The stock does not show any markings. Double set trigger mechanism. Swiss style butt plate. Swiss target style micro-adjustable rear sights (they can be moved on the rail, which is an integral part of the barrel). Target style front sight. Two sling swivels. All steel furniture. The rifle does not have a provision for the cleaning rod (ramrod).

Many thanks to "COLLECTIBLEFIREARMS" for the photographs.

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