Anton and Ferdinand Lebada


Anton Vincent Lebeda

Cased Pair of Multi-Color Gold-Inlaid Percussion Pocket Pistols by Anton Vincent Lebeda of Prague, c. 1850

3 1/4-inch octagonal etched, twist-steel barrels finished in-the-white and inlaid in two-colours of gold void-shaped panels formed along each of the barrels' eight edges with A.V. LEBEDA IN PRAG (No. 1 pistol) and A. V. LEBEDA A' PRAGUE (No. 2 pistol) and floral scrolls. The panels are highlighted by blackened backgrounds, muzzles and breeches with two-colour gold arabesques; barrel tangs and stepped lock plates embellished en suite; hammer adorned with two-colour gold scrollwork with perched birds.

Finely chequered triggers, varnished walnut half-stocks carved at grips with floral scrollwork surrounding four panel scenes of mythological themes.

The stocks are set with gold escutcheon shield-form plates surmounted by crowns and engraved with the intertwined initials W.W.; mounted with scroll-engraved triggerguards each gold-inlaid with a family crest surmounted by a crown, four-sided scalloped gripcaps bearing a chequered pattern and two-colour gold scroll inlay.

Horn mallet with polished German-silver loading tip, blued ball mould with polished steel sprue-cutter, horn-handled nipple wrench, pressed-horn bag flask with wire stitching, the whole contained within a rosewood veneered case having a waisted-rectangular shape and lined with red velour and having a gilt-stamped red silk interior to lid.

Note: Anton Vincent Lebeda, Prague 1797-1857. See Der Neue Stockel, p. 690.

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