Georg Tirlinger

FLINTLOCK HUNTING GUN – Prague around 1750.

Flintlock hunting gun with smooth and long barrel, changing from octagonal to circular section, in caliber 14 mm. Upper face of barrel and lock plate signed by – Georg Tirlinger Prag -, who worked from 1730 – 1771 and often used Spanish barrels. Gilded mark and inventory number “4” on the barrel’s end plate. Silver foresight with broad dovetail, also made of silver. Rounded lock with emphasized edges and corners following the barrel’s direction. Very nice profiled and slightly carved with rococo-cirrus walnut half-stock with brass mountings, wooden trigger guard with brass stripe inlay, so-called capuchin stock. Flat profiled butt with crowned rococo-medallion also made of brass. Ramrod with long bone end. Lower face of butt with elegant longitudinal profiling, upper butt end with rare enforcement, reminding of earlier wheel-lock guns, which should prevent damage when putting the gun to the ground. Sling knob and bale. Very elegant and perfectly preserved weapon, traditional workmanship according to the period, coming from a noble gunroom. Total length 123,5 cm.

Many thanks to "ARSENAL.DE" for the photos.

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