Frank Weston

Frank Weston miniature 1st Derringer Model superimposed on scale 1/2.

A scale model famous Frank Wesson "Superposed Derringer." It is in perfect state operation! This miniature work of art marvelous was made for Tom Weston of Mexico City in the beginning of the years 1950. Before it does not die, Mr. Weston became the largest retailer of old firearms in Mexico. Had with its personal love of miniature firearms, it engaged of the local craftsmen to produce miniature guns in limited quantities.

That appears to be a piece of history not documented, because we did not find any file existing on this particular model.

This miniature made with the hand measures 6,60 cm overall length. The carcass is made out of copper, while the barrel, the hammer, the trigger, the cylindrical part and the screws are blue steel.

The plates of stick appear to be carved in wood of pear tree.

The barrel is smooth (approximately 4mm), although no cartridges was never produced for him.

It is only one model functioning, but it is unable to draw anything.

There are no markings of the manufacturers. The Weston miniatures are now bought very expensive by the collectors.