Napoleone and Vittorio Castelli

This weapon was manufactured by:

Napoleone and Vittorio Castelli.

Mine: (see following photographs) was manufactured by Metallurgica Bresciana già Tempini.

Alberto Riccadonna

Le mien !


History of the Italian revolvers “Bodéo” model 1889.

October 31, 1889 was officially adopted a new revolver resulting from the various patents deposited by the Neapolitan arms manufacturer Carlo Bodéo.

Its gauge was the 10.35 mm Glisenti. It was more known under name “thigh of lamb”, and this, in connection with its grips.

Many arms manufacturers such as Glisenti, Beretta, Bermardelli, and Castelli took part in its manufacture. It is interesting to know also that during the first War a part of the production was entrusted to Spanish industries of Eibar, but the quality of these last was not always nice.

The period of manufacture extends from 1889 and ended about 1930, but it was still largely used during the Second World War. During this long production, more than seventy modifications were brought and this all confused models. In the revolver which interests us, it is a model reduced with fixed trigger and a trigger guard, it was adopted in 1891 for the officers.

Biography of G A Castelli.

During the year 1900, a certain Mr. Giuseppe Toschi, twin brother of Roberto de Lugo di Romagna-Ravenna (very known Italian arms manufacturer) founded a company with G.A.Castelli, in Brescia, for the manufacture of revolvers and parts spare for the army.

The company functioned well until the beginning of the first War; however, in 1916, before died of Mr. Toschi, Castelli continued and thereafter transformed the company of a Manufactures Italian of Weapons. For an unknown reason, a few times later, it went back to work in its proper name. With its death in 1919, its sons Napoleone and Vittorio continued the production under the name of G A Castelli until 1921/22 thereafter they continued manufacture under the name of NR. & V. Castelli.

It is more than probable that the company ceased any activity about 1928.

Design features

Manufacturer: Napoleone & Vittorio Castelli

Year of manufacture: 1926

Number of the weapon: 1270.

Weight: approximately 770 gr.

Caliber: 10,35 Glisenti

Capacity of the weapon: 6 shots

Operation: simple and double action, rebounding hammer

Safety: Abadie system

Stripes: 4 on the right

Diameter at bottom of stripe: 10,85mm

Diameter boring of the barrel: 10,45mm

Length of the barrel: 89mm

Width of the cylinder: 34mm

Great boring of the cylinder: 12mm

Small boring of the cylinder: 10,80mm

Diameter of the boring of the bases: 13,5 mm

Depth of the boring: 2 mm


Markings L D and A.C. most probably correspond to initial of the controllers.

It is wise to announce that the weapon in question has only the marking of the year of manufacture in Arab numerals (1926) but not, which is odd, the year of manufacture in Roman numerals, which in theory, was valid since the arrival of Duce to the capacity in 1922.

Max, Alberto, Alain.


Italian Financial Guard Bodeo M.1889 Revolver

Italian military revolver, "R. Guardia di Finanza" markings. The right side of the frame also displays, "Crown over a Shield with a Crest of Savoy". This model was widely used by Italian army during the World War One and World War Two. Manufactured by Castelli, Brescia in 1914, as indicated by markings on the left side of the frame. Variation with a solid trigger guard. 4.5 inch long octagonal barrel.

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