Beretta 1934

The Beretta pistol model 34 was, in my opinion, that which had greatest longevity as handgun adopted by the Army Italian as of union of Italy in the years 1859-1866.

Distributed the year 1935, for the countryside of Ethiopia, went in retirement approximately the year 1983, almost 50 years of service! (Me also, during my military service as artillery officer, I always had one ' 34 beating on the belly and by taking leave I brought it with me).

Very simple weapon, calibre 9 mm short known as also 380 auto where 9 mm Browning shorts, with 7 cartridges in the charger and a closing with mass and arise, the disassembling of countryside is done in a very simple way: to remove the charger one reverses the lever of safety. One blocks the mass by stopping it to the lever, which engages in a "slot". While tapping on the mouth of the gun one releases it from his housing and one draws it by the back. By releasing the mass it is free to leave for the front one. It is all!

The ' 34 was in equipment for the Army, Police, Carabinieri, Finanza either calibre 9 mm of them or, in the version 1935 into 7.65 Br. (Aeronautique, Finanza, Corpo forestale dello Stato, local Police force).

The last models were sold in the years '90 after having joined together all the parts of stock. The price was approximately the equivalent of 253 , maintaining the purchase price by an arms manufacturer of a specimen from the ' 90 is 150 , while the price of exchange between collectors is approximately 200 .


Beretta 1934

cal. .38

The most common of Beretta.  Manufactured in 9mm shortThe slide is marked by the date of manufacture; this may be on a combination of the julian and fascist calendars, the later commencing in 1922, e.g. "1937 XV" or "1942 XX" Military weapons were also marked "RE" (regia esercito), "RA" (regia aeronautica) or "RM" (regia marina) for the army, air force and navy respectively, while police weapons bore "PS" (publica sicurezza) on the left rear of the frame.

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