The origins of Armi Beretta of Gardone Val Trompia, near Bresccia, lay with the creation of a barrel-making business in 1860.

By 1900, the company's sporting guns had attained an enviable record of excellence.

In 1915, under pressure of war, Beretta made its first pistol and had since risen to become one of the world's major pistol makers.


Beretta 1915

Beretta 1919

Beretta mod 1018

Beretta 1922

Beretta 1923

Beretta 1931

Beretta 1933

Beretta 1934

Beretta 1934 FAG

Beretta 1935

Beretta 1935 Air Force

Beretta 70

Beretta 85

Beretta 87

Beretta 92

Beretta 96

Beretta 102

Beretta 9

Beretta 950

Beretta 951

Beretta 20

Beretta Bobcat

Beretta Tomcat

Beretta Browning DA140

Beretta U22 NEO

Beretta 8000 "Cougar"

Beretta "Tariq"



Beretta MAB38A