Whitneyville Iron Frame

According to your pictures and the information I found in the Flayderman's Guide, your revolver looks like one of the many variants of the following models (factory listings):

Model #2 1/2, cal .38 RF, 5-shots, Whitneyville markings - Iron frame scarce, worth premium : abt 5,000 made.

Same but marked Eagle Co (tradename): abt 1,000 made.

Flayderman also reports a variant of the so-called "Wide Cylinder" in .22 cal, bearing trade names such as Union N.Y.or Monitor, or even Defender. However, listed .22 cal variants have always 7-shot cylinders.

Whitneyville/Whitney small cartridge revolvers are quite difficult to identify, as there are many variants and few is known about them.

However, I think you can praize yourself lucky, since the iron frames seem to be quite scarce anyway.

I regret I can't tell you more so far.


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