Whitneyville Armoury

Eli Whitney invented the machine to separate the cotton in 1790. When it was established in Connecticut, it has from his machine start installed its, but also a forging mill and a store, which brought world. Quite naturally, a city was formed which is still always called Whitneyville. In 1847, it manufactured for Colt famous “Whitneyville Walker Dragoon”. It also worked for Union Arms and others, in particular Ethan Allen.

With its death, its successors transformed the firm into a kind of S.A. which was called since Whitneyville Armory.

This company existed just as it is until at the beginning of 1900.




Whitney Navy 1858

Whitneyville Armoury 1871

Whitney Snubnose 1871/79

Whitney Iron frame

Whitney Kennedy

Whitney Wolverine