Whitney Wolverine.

Very rare Whitney Wolverine in original box with matching serial number #300XX.

Alcoa Aluminum frame, intact Alcoa sticker on the bottom of the box.

I checked this year's blue book, and it said this make was manufactured in Hartford Conneticut, from 1956 and discontinued in 1957.

A semi-auto with a 10 cartridge magazine and a 4.75" barrel. It was created partially as a result of new aluminum alloys recently developed in World War II.

The person who developed it, Robert Hillberg eventually went on to work for High Standard, and the company was sold to avoid bankruptcy.

Some interesting facts...

The Serial numbers started at 100,000 because their machine was screwed up. Only 22,000 were even made. Also, only the first few were called the Wolverine, because another company was already using the name, and it was afterwards refered to as the Whitney Autoloader.

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