Devisme Jean-Louis François

A nice and rare Devisme Mod. 1860 in pocket version (more comparison)

Weight 450 gr

Length 230 mm

Barrel 105 mm

Caliber 7 mm

6 shots

4 grooves on right

System “caps and balls”

Black bronzed finish

Plates, breech and barrel decorated with plant motifs

Markings: On the cap “Devisme Bte” / On the cylinder and on the right side in an oval “DV” crowned + 1813 (serial number).


Devisme Jean-Louis François

Revolver Devisme 1859 calibre 11 mm with central percussion.

This alternative is with "light" barrel and grooved cylinder.

In spite of its imposing size (length 310 mm, gun 150 mm); this revolver is rather light (890g).

With Perrin, it is one of the first revolvers with central percussion and shoots a cartridge similar to thick pad.

The thickness of the walls of the cylinder lets think that the power of the ammunition was to be very low.

The weapon is with 6 shots and simple action.

The lever in front of the barrel swivels to 90° and releases the tenon with the back of the axis of the cylinder of the mortise located in the shield. The unit barrel cylinder can swivel downwards.

The lever of opening equipped with teeth gears on the support of rod and places this one in front of a room for the ejection of the case.

The cylinder is slowed down by a leaf spring which maintains it in place at the time of the percussion!!

There is a mark on the barrel: “Devisme à Paris” and figures, one find on the carcass “C”, under plates “MV” and can be “MN” or “MR”? , but not of Belgian punch.

This type of revolver was used during the American Civil War and War of 1870.


Devisme Jean-Louis François

This is a matched pair of engraved duelling pistols manufactured by Devisme in Paris, France.

The pistol has a bead front sight and a fixed notch rear sight. The top barrel flat is script marked "Devisme a Paris" and the bottom flat at the muzzle is marked with the serial number "2147".

A scroll engraving is featured on the breech plug, upper tang, hammer, spur trigger guard, lock plate, grip cap, single barrel wedge, and barrel wedge escutcheons, with an engraved border also featured on the lock plate and trigger guard.

The number "2" is inlaid in gold on the upper tang and breech plug.

The ebony stock is fluted in the grip area and a deep relief scroll pattern is carved on the forearm. The number "11768" is marked on the right side of the stock near the trigger.

Complete with a ebony case lined in green velvet and accessories (two containers, wooden mallet, single conical bullet mould, percussion nipple wrench, screwdriver, powder measure, cleaning rod, and ramrod).

The padded lid lining has the following in gold: "36 BOULEVARD DES ITALIENS / DEVISME / ARQUEBUSIER BREVETE / A PARIS".

Many thanks to "ROCK ISLAND AUCTION" for the nice pictures


Juxtaposed rifle with percussion “Devisme à Paris” gauge 14 (Ø 17,60).

Barrels ribbons of 74 cm with the punches of Albert Bernard gone back to 1838.

Mounting in beautiful walnut tree with English stick.

Locks “back” with 3 pillars and 2 springs.

Rod in pennon of whale with extractor.

Engraving of rinceaux.


Devisme 1855

Revolver Devisme in Paris model 1855 with central hammer (towards 1857 1858) .long 320 mm, weight 1010 grams.

Barrel with percussion with 6 rooms with chimneys for ogival balls cal 10,8 mm.

Barrel of 153 mm comprising 8 stripes on the right.


On the prolongation of barrel DEVISME A PARIS.

In front of the trigger guard and on the face of barrel FD crowned in an oval.

On the console of the barrel on the right: DEVISME Bté 1177.

Under the barrel F crowned.

On the principal parts 3.

In the plates H.

On the carcass and the barrel, engraving with topic of vine.

Nickelled completion.

No punches of test indicating the place of subcontracting.

The weapon is elegant and well manufactured, but the design did not lend itself to a weapon of war since it is necessary to dismount the weapon in 4 pieces to charge!

The handle, the barrel, the cylinder and the tamping-bar.

The following year, the revolvers will adopt the cartridge with central percussion.


Revolver resulting from the patent (deposited in Belgium) of the 20/11/1854 and the successive patents (Belgian and French) deposited between 1855 and 1869.

Generally called model “1855” which is declined in many versions in various calibres, with crack, piston, external or interior hammer, with capsules or has metal cartridges central percussion and even with double system.

It is here about a revolver with crack, decentred hammer, with interior percussion for ammunition with capsule.

As much of its compatriots Devisme calls upon the Belgian quality and labor to make manufacture its weapons less expensive and of very good quality.

It is probable to think that this one certainly was manufactured and tested in Belgium, but even if the photographs are of good quality, I would not come to a conclusion about the countermarks (?) not easily discernible and especially it misses the famous ELG on star in an oval.

As for Auguste Francotte, I am unaware of if it manufactured this model, but it actually made the pepperbox “Devisme - Francotte” - late patent of the 4/3/1861, whose characteristic is to be with crack and especially to have “room-barrels” striped, 6 blows 7mm with central percussion, double action.

FD under a crown is well the punch personal of Devisme Jean-Louis Francois, born in Paris 9/7/1806 and deceased in Argenteuil the 30/4/1873, Arquebusier initially in Paris 14, street of Helder then in 1850 to the 36, Boulevard of the Italians.




10.8mm caliber. 13 1/2 inch overall length.

Many thanks to "ANTIQUEFIREARMS" for the photos.

Devisme caliber 9 mm

Incrustation of fine gold

Circa 1860


Living room pistol type Flobert - Paris 1860.

On wood, almost invisible, is marking "Marquis of Ailsa". According to my research Ailsa is an island in England and at the 19th century it y have a succession of noble which reigned on this island, and which had the title of "Marquis of Ailsa".

Richard C.